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Extracurricular course

Chinese Society | Jan 20, 2018 AM

Report: Half of Chinese children have no playtime thanks to too much homework and extracurricular courses, over 70% of Chinese kids have own mobile phones and social accounts

The blue paper, titled Social Participation of Chinese Children in 2017, was co-released by the Chinese Youth and Children Research Center (CYCRC) an...

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Propaganda slogan

Chinese Society | Jan 19, 2018 AM

What's wrong? Propaganda slogan on public bus station board in Tongling, Anhui province calls on residents to 'hold together to build harmonious Changde', a city in Hunan

Can I copy your homework?Yes, here you are.The next day, the teacher find two homework signed with the same name.Isn't it a joke? Not necessarily...

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Most congested city

China Travel | Jan 19, 2018 AM

Top 10 most traffic-congested cities of China in 2017 revealed and Beijing barely misses the championship

The report,  titled  2017 Transportation Conditions of major Chinese cities, was released by the domestic navigation company Amap on Jan 18...

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China Economy | Jan 18, 2018 AM

Shall we call Chinese men 'family spendthrift' as new report indicates they spend more in online shopping than Chinese women, by a large margin and for less worthy commodities?

Chinese women have long been branded as the family spendthrift, as they are the main money spender of most Chinese families, especially in online sho...

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vote the naughtiest

Chinese Society | Jan 17, 2018 AM

Is it a practice of democracy or actually a tyranny of the majority to let middle school students vote the naughtiest?

Chinese do want the right to vote, but certainly not this kind of voting.Last Friday, a parent from Xi'an city in northwestern China's Shaanx...

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Chinese grammar index Chinese Grammar Index

Mandarin Chinese Grammar table of contents - Learn Chinese online free. Read More

Chinese passive Chapter 17: The Chinese passive

The structure of the Chinese passive: Mandarin Chinese has three passive marking prepositions (passive markers): 被bèi, 叫 jiào, and 让 ràng, all of which may be translated with the English ‘by.’ Read More

Chinese Conjunctions Chapter 16: Chinese conjunctions

Mandarin Chinese conjunctions include the following: 1, Conjunctions that indicate an ‘additive’ or ‘and’ relationship including 和, 跟, 同, 与; 2, Conjunctions that indicate a disjunctive or ‘or’ relationship including 还是, 或者. Read More


Dragon Boat Traditional Chinese Festival: Dragon Boat Festival or Duanwu Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival is also known as Duanwu Festival or Danwujie or Double Fifth Festival. It is a traditional Chinese festival that commemorates the life and death of the ancient patriot and poet Qu Yuan. The festival occurs on the fifth day of the fifth month on the Chinese lunar calendar. Read More

Guanxi Guanxi: The Chinese Cultural Concept

Guanxi refers to the benefits gained from social connections. Guanxi most frequently refers to relationship to government officials. In certain extent, that Guanxi is an important term in modern China is abnormal phenomenon. It hints at corruption and nepotism. Read More

Mencius Chinese philosopher and thinker Mencius (Mengzi)

Better known in China as 'Master Meng' (Chinese: Mengzi, 孟子), Mencius was a fourth-century BCE Chinese phylosopher and thinker whose importance in the Confucian tradition is second only to that of Confucius himself. Read More